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Øyemassasje med luftkompresjon (Premium Kvalitet)

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eye massager

Health and wellness for you eyes.

Comfier portable & rechargeable eye therapy massager serves extremely comfort for your eyes fatigue.

After long-time use of eyes, especially for all day working or studying, focusing on electronic digital products such as laptop, phone, ipad or TV will cause eye fatigue and soreness. Using Comfier eye massager mask to relax your eyes and rest your brain simultaneously.


Air Compression Massage

Powerful air pressure can effectively relieve eye strain, dry eyes and headaches. You can meditate, chat with your family members and friends while enjoying the sleep mask.


Eyes Heating Therapy

Gentle heating therapy of the massager for dry eyes strain helps stimulate blood circulation around the eyes to relieve the eye fatigue. It also improves sleep quality for office workers, the elderly and students to rest the brain.

After a short time break and using the eye massager, people can focus on work better.


Ergonomic Design to Adapt Eyes

The protein leather eye massager is suitable for shape of face and eye size, while the elastic strap can be tightened with the buckle.

People who have sensitive skin can also use this eye massager. The mask is skin-friendly and easy to be cleaned.


Five massage modes:

Note: Double click to pause/turn on the background music.

Mode 1 - Comprehensive mode: air pressure massage + vibration massage + hot compress;play music 1, music loop play.

Mode 2 - Clear mode:

air pressure massage + hot compress; play music 2, music loop play.

Mode 3 - Sleep mode:

air pressure massage and no music, the music is not available on this "sleep mode".

Mode 4 - Vitality mode:

air pressure massage + vibration massage, play music 3, and music loop play

Mode 5 - Comfortable mode:

hot compress and play music 4, music loop play.





Eyes are the windows of the soul

Under current busy life and work, our eyes are always tired and even sore, so we all need to take care our eyes.

The eye massager mask is the best choice for you to relieve eye fatigue, help remove dark circle. It is also an ideal gift for busy people.

A nice gift for your children, parents or lovers. Protect eyes and give them a break!


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Øyemassasje med luftkompresjon (Premium Kvalitet)

Øyemassasje med luftkompresjon (Premium Kvalitet)

999,00 kr599,00 kr